When the outside temperature drops of some degrees below zero, the paraffin contained in the diesel fuel tends to crystallize and gradually clog the diesel fuel filter.

When the filter is completely obstructed, diesel fuel can not reach the injection system, stopping the engine operation.

To avoid this problem PROTECH has been producing for years a series of installable heaters for diesel fuel filter, after market, on the most part of filters employed on cars, trucks, vehicles and power generators.

With Termodiesel filter heaters you avoid this inconveniences that can prevent you, when the winter temperatures are of some degrees below zero, the correct carrying out your work or ruining a holiday on the snow. 




Termodiesel prevents engine seizure upon start-up or during a trip, even when the temperature is many degrees below zero (up to -25 ° c).

Termodiesel does not affect the car warranty because it is installed without the need to make any changes to the electrical wiring or to the fuel circuit.

Termodiesel eliminates damage to the injection system caused by the use of additives or the mixing of a percentage of petrol in the diesel.

Termodiesel does away with the need for anti-freeze additives to eliminate the problem of crystallisation of paraffin wax.

Termodiesel improves the combustion of diesel at low temperatures.

Termodiesel is easy to remove and reinstall when replacing the filter or car.






Protechthe most complete range of heaters for diesel filters


Termodiesel Tank Heater  Termodiesel Professional  Termodiesel Magnetic  After Key

  Termodiesel Professional Plus  Termodiesel Adesive  Kit Interruttore     



Some of the motors that can be protected with the heaters for diesel filter TERMODIESEL:


Car Power Generator Truck Camper Tractor

Diesel Engine Van Excavator Snowcat Pullman




Termodiesel Tank Heater

154,00 VAT included

The Termodiesel Tank Heater is compatible with all tanks made of metal, aluminium and plastic between a minimum of 150 mm and a maximum of 760 mm in depth.

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Termodiesel Professional

88,00 VAT included

Is the most powerful and complete version in Protech's range of heaters.

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Termodiesel Professional Plus

98,00 VAT included

Fuel filter heater for high temperature when diesel fuel is mixed with vegetables oil.

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Termodiesel Magnetic

73,00 VAT included

Is the most innovative heater for diesel filters in Protech's range of products.

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Termodiesel Adesive

63,00 VAT included

Is the thinnest heater for diesel filters in Protech's range of products.

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After Key

82,00 VAT included

Electronic power supply to connect "after key" the Termodiesel heaters.

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Switch Kit

Category: Accessories

13,00 VAT included

For a simple and economic installation of Termodiesel heaters.

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Spare Resistor

Category: Accessories

27,00 VAT included

To simplify the substitution of the resistance to every change of the filter.

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